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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


G.F. DICKSON was found Sep 22, 2001 at a Shelbyville, KY antique mall. The subject is a young man named "G.F. Dickson" apparently taken in 1918. I would love to reunite him with his family.

The hand-writing below the image states that G.F. is the twin of Grace Dickson Van Deventer, and is the youngest son of "Uncle Archie Dickson."

UPDATE - well this is an interesting mystery ... On the US Census for 1900, Milan Township, Macon Co. Illinois, there is an Archie Dickson (62) living with his wife Jennie H. (46) and children J. Harry A. (20), Mabel (18), Olive (17) and the 11-yr-old twins Frank G. and Grace E.  I don't really think the census taker made any mistakes on this entry since the census taker was Archie Dickson himself. Could the cousin who wrote the inscription have gotten it wrong, or did Frank G. later in life start going by "G.F."?  All other details match up - also the time period is right. If he was 11 in 1900, then he'd be 29 in this photo, which looks possible.

UPDATE - Grace's middle name is Eudora.  Frank later married a woman named Kate S.

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