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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Marguerite has gone to a foster home!

MARGUERITE RODDY was always one of my favorites.  This photo was found at an Antique Show in Saratoga Springs, NY in August of 2001. It was the Annual Antique Show at the old Canfield Casino building near Congress Park.

The only clue to location is in the photographic studio which marked the cardboard frame with "Aubin Studio, Hibbing". The only Hibbing I could find was a town in Minnesota.

Bryan Roddy (who is not a direct relative, but wanted to help) provided further information on the Genforum board for this surname: "Per the 1920 Census, Marguerite Roddy was in Hibbing, MN and was 10 yrs old. Her parents were Thomas (born in Canada) and Anastatia (born in Wisconsin). She had an older sister named Katherine and a younger brother, Thomas.  According to the 1930 Census, she lived in Omaha, NE with her mother, brother Thomas and a younger sister, Helen."

Although Marguerite was with me for years, no member of her family ever stepped up to claim her. Finally one day, a nice lady from Texas contacted me to report that the photo was taken at her Great-Grandfather's photo studio, The Aubin Studio in Hibbing, MN. She had nothing of her Great-Grandfather to remember him by and asked if she could safeguard the photo of Marguerite until such time as a relative surfaced.

I have kept a cardstock photocopy of the image, and the lady in Texas says she will be happy to see that Marguerite goes to her rightful family on some happy day.

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