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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Charles Townsend has gone home!
He has been claimed by the Historical Society of Lansingburg.
A rarity - two images of the same gentleman - CHARLES TOWNSEND - taken at different ages in his life.
The younger Charles' photo was taken at McMichael Studio, 246 Main Street, Buffalo NY. It is inscribed on the back, presumably in Charles' own hand, "Very Sincerely, Char. Townsend, Lansingburgh, N. York - Feb 1 '86 - We have fought the good fight."

The photo of Charles as an older man is stamped on the front "Dana, Carbonette, New York, Brooklyn, Pittsburgh", and on the back in pencil is written "Charles Townsend of 1st Presby Church, Lansingburgh, NY."

Further research shows that Charles Townsend eventually left Lansingburgh after many years, spent a year in Cleveland, then took up duties at the First Church of Orange, NJ.

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