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Thursday, March 10, 2011


HAZEL EDITH OSBORN seen at two different stages of her childhood.  Both photos are labeled on the back "Hazel Edith Osborn" but contain no other clues.  There are no studio marks on either photo.

These photos were from the same antique consignor as the above photos of the elderly Everhart couple or Parsons, Kansas, and may be from the same area.

My best guess for time period is 1900 on the first photo, 1903 on the second photo.

Here is a possible clue, found in the 19 June 1919 Coffeyville Daily Journal, Coffeyville Kansas.  (Coffeyville KS is about 40 miles from Parsons KS.)

1905 State Census, Coffeyville, KS
MOORE, Martha, 47
MOORE, Isabel, 15
MOORE, Mabel, 13
OSBORN, Hazel, 3
OSBORN, Emma, 25

1908, Dec 24. Coffeyville Daily Journal reports the following:
William W. Webb (34) and Emma A. Osborn (28), both of Coffeyville are issued marriage licenses.

1910 Federal Census, Coffeyville, KS
WEBB, William, head, 35, married 1 yr, born in Indiana, laborer in a glass factory
WEBB, Emma, wife, 30, mother of 1 living child, born in Kansas
OSBORN, Hazel, daughter, 8, born in Oklahoma

The 1910 Census illuminates the relationship between Emma and Hazel. Hazel is described as "daughter". Emma is described as M with a small 2 in superscript, which I believe indicates that this is her second marriage. She also says she is the mother of one child, which is still living. The only conclusion I can come to is that Hazel is Emma's daughter. But I wonder why Emma was required to submit an annual report on the estate of Hazel?

1920 Census - War Eagle, Benton county, Arkansas
WEBB, William, 45, farmer
WEBB, Emma, 40, wife
OSBORN, Hazel, 18, step-daughter
MOORE, Martha, 72, mother-in-law

She married Wayne Shields (1897-1929.)

I have not determined who Hazel's father was.

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