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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

DUNKMAN family photos

UPDATE - These photos of the Dunkman family have been claimed and are going home!
These photo were located at the Athens Schoolhouse Antique Show, just south of Lexington KY.

Stella, Lawrence and Elsie DUNKMAN
photo taken in Cincinnati OH circa 1895
"Aunt Emma Dunkman"

These are the first three children of Theodore C. Dunkmann (1859-1941, son of Johann Dunkmann and Helene Prote) and Margaretta "Emma" Lorenz (1861-1927, daughter of Nicholas Lorenz and Katherine Klei).

Lawrence W. Dunkman (1887-1898) died at age 10. (His headstone spells the last name with one N.)
Clara Estella Dunkman (1888-1976) her headstone at Mt Olive cemetery Mayview IL says Dunkman, so she likely never married.
Elsie Lisetta Dunkman (1890-1979)

Cora and Walter

"Cora and Walter"

I generally do not buy photos identified with only first names, because there are not enough clues to find the correct family, however in this case, I bought the photo because the children bear a striking resemblence to Stella and Lawrence Dunkman, and oddly enough - also to Aunt Emma. The photo was taken at the same photographic studio in Cincinnati, at or around the same time, and located in the same box of old photos as the identified people. This led me to believe they were from the same immediate family.

Cora and Walter are two of the children of William F. Dunkmann (1856-1930, older brother of above-mentioned Theodore) and Clara Wilhelmina Lorenz (1864-1946, younger sister of above-mentioned Emma Lorenz).

Cora Emma Dunkman (1893-1984) would grow up and marry Ira Blaine Truesdell (d. 1970, a brother to KY Senator Charles Truesdell) she and her husband are buried at the Alexandria Cemetery in Campbell County Kentucky.
Walter Lorenz Dunkman (1891-1951) would grow up and marry Charlotte Hart Scott (d. 1982) and lived in Lexington, KY.

It is possible that the photos came from Walter's family history collection, since he and his wife lived in Lexington (the photos were acquired very near there, and Emma would have been his aunt). But Walter had other siblings; Ethel, Ellie, Helen and William, but it is not known if any of them lived near Lexington.

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