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Sunday, September 11, 2016

CAYLOR family

CAYLOR, James & Myrtle & family
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This photograph of the CAYLOR family was located today at the Athens Schoolhouse Monthly Antique show, just outside of Lexington KY.

The photo was taken most likely in or around April 1911 at a studio in the town of Kimball (no state given, but I have determined that it is Kimball Minnesota.) The back of the photo identifies each of the family members as follows:

James Caylor
Myrtle Caylor
Ruth Caylor, age 14
Irving Caylor, age 11
Archie Caylor, age 9
Clinton Caylor, age 5
Herschel Caylor, age 3
Joel Caylor, age 2

This family is found on the Kingston, Minnesota Census of 1910 (April 19), with household members at that time:
Caylor, James, head, 44, married 11 years, born in West Virginia, of W. Virginia parents
Caylor, Myrtle, wife, 32, married 11 years, born in Minnesota, of Kentucky parents
Caylor, Erving, son, 10, all the children born in Minnesota
Caylor, Archie, son, 8
Caylor, Clinton, son, 4
Caylor, Herschel, son, 2
Caylor, Joel, son, 1
Patten, Eli, hired man, 27

The photo was therefore taken around April 1911. I have to wonder where 13-yr-old Ruth was at the time of the 1910 Census. It appears that the 1910 Census indicates "M2" for James and "M1" for Myrtle. I suppose it is possible that Ruth was a product of a first marriage and still living with her mother?

Backing up a decade - the 1900 Census shows the family consisting of James, Myrtle and 2 month old Irving. No mention of Ruth, who should have been about 3 years old at that time. has several family trees which identify James A. Caylor (1865 - 1948) as a son of Joel Caylor and Martha Ann Patsy Phelps. His wife Myrtle Jane Crider (1877-1959) is a daughter of Jackson Perry Crider and Mary Goble.

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