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Thursday, November 5, 2015

SCOTT, Genevieve

This photo appears to be labeled "GENEVIVIE SCOTT" and was located at an antique show, but I neglected to record when and where this was acquired.  The only photographer's mark on the matte just says "Brown" and no location is given.

The little girl appears to be 3 or 4 years old, and the photo appears to from about the turn of the century, which would mean the girl was born around 1895-1902.

Without a location to help identify who she is, the task is a bit more difficult. But here we go.

There are a number of girls by this name born around the right time. Some of these include:

  • Genevieve Marian Scott, born 18 Oct 1896, Chatfield, Minnesota to parents Leo S. and Marian Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born abt 1896 in Iowa.
  • Genevieve Scott, born abt 1899 in Seneca, New York to parent Joseph and Mary Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born abt 1901 in Minnesota to parents William and Cora Scott.
  • Genevieve M. Scott, born Nov 1894 in California to mother Jennie Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born Oct 1897 in St Louis, Missouri, to parents Samuel and Mary Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born Dec 1899 in Maryland to parents David and Anna Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born Apr 1899 in Woodland Minnesota, to parents John and Annie Scott.
  • Genevieve M. Scott, born Jun 1899 in Fairview, South Dakota to parents Arthur and Lillie Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born Jan 1901 in New York, NY.
  • Genevieve Odett Scott, born abt 1901 in Yakima WA to parents Charles W. and Lula Scott.
  • Genevieve Scott, born abt 1902 in Larksville PA, to parents William and Margaret Scott.

I tend to suspect the first on this list is the one I am looking for. I have found a tree on which shows that particular family and has several photos of Genevieve Scott at various ages in her life. This little girl resembles the one in those photos.

Leo Spencer Scott was a storekeeper in Fountain MN, per Minnesota Territorial Census 1905. His wife Marian Louise Hathaway was a school teacher. They had daughters Genevieve Marian Scott and Mabel Adel Scott.

Genevieve married veterinarian Dr. Harry Leslie Kidd.

I will try to contact the tree owner to verify that this is correct.

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