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Friday, November 27, 2015


UPDATE - this photo has been claimed by the subject's granddaughter and is going home. This photograph of EVA MORAN was located in Greenwich New York in August 2015 at their annual Antique Fair at the county fairgrounds.

The photo appears to have been taken in the late 1890s and perhaps as recently as 1901.  The subject appears to be in her late teen to early twenties, so a best guess for her birth would be 1875-1880.

The photo was taken at Elmer Chickering's photography studio at 21 West Street in Boston, Massachusetts. Chickering was a rather famous photographer and specialized in portraits of celebrities and well-to-do people of the area. Wikipedia has the following to say about him:

The name "Eva Moran" is written above the subject on the face of the photo. The reverse side bears the mysterious penciling "M P Co", the significance of which eludes me.

Using, I was able to determine that Moran (or Morin) is the woman's maiden name. She was born Mary Eva Moran in May of 1882 in Massachusetts, to parents Frank Moran and Mary J. Butler (or Buttler). She was married first to Irving Young and produce one son. Irving died quite young in 1904, and Eva remarried the following year to John Patrick Fitzgerald, with whom she had nine children.

Photo of EVA MORAN at
There is an existing tree on in which this woman appears as a central figure and there is a great deal of detail on her including another photograph of Eva. (which I have included at right, for comparison.)

I have since communicated with the owner of the family tree online, who turns out to be Eva's granddaughter, and she confirms that the photo I found is most certainly her grandmother Eva Fitzpatrick.

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