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Thursday, February 20, 2020

HARDING siblings (Brookville PA)


Identification on photo: Wayne Harding
Photo taken: E.C. Hall Studio, Brookville PA, circa 1890
Purchased: Kamin's Moment in Time, Feb 2020 South Florida Fairgrounds

The inscription on back says "Wayne or Harry Harding" then below that it says "Wayne" with a big checkmark next to it. I take that as confirmation that this is Wayne, and that he has a brother named Harry.

At I find WILLIS WAYNE HARDING (12 Aug 1888 - 15 Oct 1918) born in Brookville PA to parents Thornton S. Harding Jr. and Margaret Jane Minerva Mitchell (b. 14 Sep 1862 - died 7 Sep 1929).

His siblings are:
 - Harry E. Harding (1884-1888) d. age 4 of croup
 - John Mitchell Harding (1891-1944) m. Edith Williams
 - Anna R. Harding (1893-1944) m. Frederick Ague

When Wayne was 7, his father Thornton died.

Wayne married Elizabeth Jenkins of Norton VA, in 1911, and died apparently without children in 1918.
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This Obituary is from the 24 Oct 1918 edition of the Jeffersonian Democrat (Brookville PA).

The second photo shows the three siblings together. WAYNE is the eldest in this image. JOHN is the younger boy, and ANNE is the young girl. This photo was taken circa 1899 as Anne appears to be about 4 or 5 and Wayne looks to be around 10 or 11.

Younger brother JOHN MITCHELL HARDING (born 20 Oct 1891) was an auditor for the Schenley Hotel Company in Pittsburgh. He married Edith Williams and had two daughters:
 - Anna Pauline Harding (1928-1995) m. Arthur Filmore CARR
 - Jane Ellen Harding (1930 -1977) b. __ WEISS.

This Obit from 4 Sep 1944 issue of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Wayne's sister ANNE (or ANNA) married Frederick H. Ague (1888-1965).  After Anne's death in 1944, Fred remarried a woman named Mary M. __, who is buried next to Fred in Sewickley PA.

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