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Monday, August 5, 2019



UPDATE - Noah James Bodenhamer has been claimed by a family member and is going home!

Identification on photo: "My Buber" Mr. Jimmie Bodenhamer. This is Noah James.
Photo taken: unknown photographer, circa 1920-25 ?
Purchased: Aug 2019, Peddlar Mall, Lexington KY

This snapshot appears to have been taken in the mid-1920s, but that is just a guess.

Noah James Bodenhamer was born in Pittboro Indiana 4 Feb 1902, to parents John Bodenahmer (1872-1959 son of Noah Festus Bodenhamer and Rebecca Long) and Mary Shockley (1879-1963, daughter of William T Shockley and Senera Sharp). 

By 1920 the family had relocated to San Antonio Texas.

1920 Federal Census > Texas > Bexar > San Antonio > 542 Cincinnati Avenue
BODENHAMER, John, head, 46, born in IN of NC & IN parents, building contractor
BODENHAMER, Mary, wife, 40, born in IN of SC & KY parents
BODENHAMER, Herman, son, 21, born in IN, salesman at Dept Store
BODENHAMER, Noah, son, 17, born in IN
BODENHAMER, Helen, daughter, 12, born in IN
BODENHAMER, Ethel, daughter, 11, born in IN

There was an elder brother who was already out of the house by 1920 and was in fact at medical school in 1920. His name was William BODENHAMER. In 1916, just when he was planning to enter medical school at Michigan Univ, his mother Mary became quite ill and many doctors could not help her. It was eventually a doctor of osteopathy who helped her back to health. So impressed was William that he entered the American School of Osteopathy in Missouri (now named the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine). 

Noah James followed in William's professional footsteps and also went to the same school.

1930 Federal Census > New Jersey > Essex > East Orange > 108 N. Munn Ave
BODENHAMER, N James, head, 28, single, doctor, osteopath
there are also several boarders at the the same house, but James is shown as owner.

Dr. N James Bodenhamer died 18 Jan 1991, at age 88, and is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana.

I cannot find any evidence that Noah James ever married or had children who might wish to have this photograph.

This obituary was located in the Indianapolis News, 22 Jan 1991.

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