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Saturday, August 5, 2017

MARSH, Mabel Patience

Mabel Patie_____ ___arsh
2 1/2 yrs old
Ferguson Studio, Pittsburg Kas.

UPDATE - this photo has been claimed by Mabel's son, and is going home. This photo was located at the "127 Yard Sale" today near Salvisa, Kentucky.

The photo is of a charming toddler in the early 1910's, but the inscription on the back has been torn and obliterates a portion of the middle name and surname. Fortunately, I bought it anyway on the assumption that Pittsburg Kansas has never been a large community, and I should have a fairly easy time of combing the Census records to find a matching name and age.

This turned out to be a good assumption.

The subject is MABEL PATIENCE MARSH, born 17 Aug 1909 in Crawford County, Kansas, to parents Robert Stanley Marsh (1867-1937) and Mabel Ann Riley (1875-1956). (Interesting note - Robert's first wife was Flora Riley (1867-1899) who died young of tuberculosis. Robert's second wife was Mabel, Flora's younger sister.)

1910 Census, Kansas > Crawford Co.> Pittsburg > 106 East Adams Street
MARSH, Robert S., head, 42, born in Ohio to Ohio parents, traveling Grocery salesman
MARSH, Mabel R., wife, 34, born in Indiana to Indiana & Ohio parents
MARSH, Flora Janette, daughter, 6, born in Kansas
MARSH, Richard Riley, son, 4, born in Kansas
MARSH, Mabel Patience, daughter, 8 mo., born in Kansas

From 1920 onward, the family appears at 104 E Adams. Unsure if that means the family moved to the house next-door, or if the address numbering system changed.

1930 Census, Kansas > Crawford Co.> Pittsburg > 104 East Adams Street
MARSH, Robert S., head, 63, no occupation
MARSH, Mabel R., wife, 55
MARSH, Flora Janette, daughter, 26, teacher at Public School
MARSH, Richard Riley, son, 24, teacher at Public School
MARSH, Mabel Patience, daughter, 20, no occupation

Her brother Richard married Gladys Louise Parks (1906-1999).

1933 City Directory for Pittsburg, KS. reports that Patty Marsh is a teacher at Roosevelt Jr High School, and resides at 104 E Adams with her parents.

May 27, 1945, Mabel married Robert A Herrmann (1904-1991).

She died 15 January 1961 in Wellington Kansas. Buried at Highland Park Cemetery in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Three years later, her widowed husband Robert married her older sister Flora.

I am still working on this subject. I have not yet determined if she had any children or grandchildren who may survive into the present time.


  1. Bob Herrmann at bobherrmann@roadrunner.comSeptember 14, 2017 at 9:12 AM

    Mabel Patience Marsh is my mother. She and my father had two children; Robert Alexander Herrmann Jr, born 1 Aug 1948, still living and Richard Raymond Herrmann, born 21 Sep 1952.

    1. I will send you a private email response.