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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

VANDE LAAR, Ann May (possibly)

first communion photo
taken in St. Johns, Michigan
circa 1901 ?

Click for enlarged image
This communion photograph was acquired at an antiques fair in Florida, from a vendor named "Breakable Antiques." The photographer is identified as Plunkett, in St. Johns, Michigan.

The surname was a real stumper. I searched and searched for surnames Vander Luc and Vander Lur with infinite variations like Van Leur, etc. I could find no Census records for St. Johns, Michigan. Finally about to give up, I stumbled upon one woman that looks promising.

The only person of a similar name and location that I could find is Ann May Vande Laare of Kalamazoo Michigan, born 1888, died 1975.

She was a daughter of John Vande Laare and Ida Vanzee. Her siblings were Cornelius (1885-1957) and Frederick (1891-1960).

Ann married Edward R. Vander Brook (1886-1978) probably around 1908-1909 and had 3 children:
Milton (1910-2007) married Marjorie Frost.
Virginia (1913-?)
Margaret (1917-1977) married Donald Blodgett.

Minnie Vande Laare
I found a family tree at for this woman, and although there were not photos of her there, there was a photo of her aunt Minnie (shown at right) to whom she bears a striking resemblance. So I think this may be the correct person.

NOTE - I do not own the photo at right, it is only provided here for comparison.

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