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Monday, November 21, 2016


This small photograph, labeled "Aunt Adnee Vanemberg" was located in Midway, Kentucky, at the Eagles' Nest Antique Store.

It is stamped with the photographer's mark which says "Doremus, Photograph Gallery, 85 Main Street, Paterson, NJ"

I was able to locate the subject in a rather large pdf file courtesy of the New Jersey Genealogical Society of Bergen County.

In this document, Adnee is defined as follows:

ADNEE VAN EMBURGH, born 18 Mar 1865 Paramus, Bergen County, NJ (as Anna)
 - daughter of Abram Van Emburgh & Margaret Ann Terhune
 - baptised 15 Oct 1865 Paramus Reformed Church
 - married. John Calvin Bogert (1865-1939)

Adnee's siblings are:

- Mary Elizabeth Van Emburgh (Minnie), b. 30 Mar 1856; bp. 19 Sep 1860 Paramus Ref Ch; m. (she as Maggie) 13 Jan 1875 by Rev. G. Talmage, to Daniel S. Van Riper, 20, of Hillsdale, a farmer, son of Abraham & Anna Van Riper.

- Stephen Terhune Van Emburgh, b. 23 Feb 1858; bp. 19 Sep 1860 Paramus Ref Ch; d. 10 May 1933; buried Valleau Cemetery, Ridgewood, Bergen Co., NJ; m. Sarah Catherine Bogert.

- John A. Van Emburgh, b. 23 Feb 1860 Paramus, Bergen County, NJ, bp. 19 Sep 1860 Paramus Ref Ch; d. 1926; buried Valleau Cemetery, Ridgewood, Bergen Co., NJ; married Carrie Zabriskie, dau. of Abraham Stevens Zabriskie & Jemima Garrison.

- Carrie Van Emburgh, b. 1862; bp. 18 July 1863 Paramus Ref Ch; d. 1889; m. John Edward Post
Catherine Ann Van Emburgh, b. 4 Sep 1867; bp. 24 Sep 1867 Paramus Ref Ch; d. 5 May 1872; buried Valleau Cemetery, Ridgewood, Bergen Co., NJ.

Children of Adnee and John Calvin Bogert:

- Harold John BOGERT, 1891 - 1965, married Hannah Mosser.
 - - John Calvin Bogert, 1915 - 2004, married Barbara E. White.
 - - Thomas E. Bogert, 1918 - 1996, married Marjorie H. Hornbeck.

- Elsie Adnee BOGERT, 1893 - 1983, married John Quarles James.

- Eugene Calvin BOGERT, 1895 - 1963

Further research reveals that Adnee and her husband both died in 1939. Both are buried in Valleau Cemetery, Ridgewood, Bergen County, NJ.


  1. Our common relative is John A. Van Emburgh born in 1860. He is my great grandfather on my father's side. His son, S. Lloyd Van Emburgh is my father's father and my grandfather. This is John A. Van Emburgh's sister. Would that make her my father's great aunt?

    1. Yes, it would! Or your grandfather's aunt. It may have been your grandfather who wrote the words on the back; "Aunt Adnee Vamenburgh".

  2. Thank you for doing this research work! It's very interesting to find a picture of a relative!

    1. I'd be happy to send the photo to you if you'd like to have it back in your family's care. (I am not related to her; just found her in an antique store.)