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Saturday, December 5, 2015

MULLER, OTT and KOCH girls

Barbara Muller, Lois Ott, Maryann Koch
January 1954

No location given.

This snapshot was located today at the Antique Show at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds, in Florida.

The three young ladies appear to be in their late teens or early twenties, so one can estimate years of birth around 1935.

Since there was no clue as to the location of residence, I took to the Census Record search at and for each name found multiple possibilities in various locations. However, one location came up for all three names, and that was Hempstead, Nassau County, New York.

1940 Census, Hempstead, Nassau Co., NY, Baldwin neighborhood, 13 Seaman Avenue
LEE, Harold, head, 36, credit manager in Match industry
LEE, Anna, wife, 34, clerk in telephone industry
OTT, Lois, niece, 7,
ACKERMAN, Elizabeth, 54, widowed mother-in-law

Directly next door at number 11 Seaman Avenue was the KOCH family
KOCH, Joseph, head, 31, salesman in Insurance industry
KOCH, Lillian, wife, 30
KOCH, Marianne, daughter, 6
KOCH, Joseph, son, 5

Coincidentally, there is a MULLER family living next door at 5 Seaman Ave, but I do not see a Barbara among the children. However, at 115 Seaman Avenue, there is a family headed by CASGROVE (or COSGROVE) and two of the children in the home are named MULLER.

CASGROVE, William, head, 33, Salesman
CASGROVE, Mae, wife, 30
CASGROVE, William Jr., son, 9
MULLER, Charles, son, 9
MULLER, Barbara, daughter, 6

This makes me think that the Muller children are step-children of the head of household. Both sons are the same age. Mother, Mae Muller-Casgrove was born Mae Friel. Possible first husband is Charles Muller. Her father was James D. Friel.

The addresses for each girl would make it likely that they attended Baldwin Senior High School nearby, and were also likely in the same graduating class.

Still researching this one, but please comment if you know either of these families.

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