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Saturday, December 5, 2015

LINTON, Thomas Reardon & family

T Reardon LINTON
Altoona, PA

The photo at left, along with several others from the same family were located today at the Antique Fair at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds. This photo of Thomas Reardon Linton was taken in Altoona PA probably in 1904. Thomas was the son of Harvey Linton, the City Engineer of Altoona.

The photo at right was located a month later at the same venue. It was probably taken 3 to 4 years prior to the photo at left.

1900 Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Altoona, 1717 Thirteenth Street
LINTON, Harvey, head, Feb 1844, 56, Civil Engineer
LINTON, Louise, wife, Jan 1861, 39
LINTON, Ethel, daughter, Sep 1878, 21, teacher
LINTON, Thomas R., son May 1887, 13, at school
LINTON, Esther L., daughter, Jun 1892, 7
WILLIAMSON, Thomas H., father-in-law, Jun 1825, 75, widowed

Louise R. Linton
Harvey Linton was born Feb 22, 1844 to parents Nathan and Martha Linton. He descended from Scottish Quaker immigrant John Lynton who arrived in Philadelphia in 1692.

There was also a photo of Louise R. LINTON acquired from the same antique vendor. I believe this is Thomas' mother. This photo was taken in Philadelphia, PA.

In 1903, daughter Ethel was married at her parents home to Mr. Edward J. Searles of Pittsburg.

In 1904, at the age of 17, Thomas Reardon Linton sailed for Panama, employed to work as a surveyor on the canal.

In June 1908, Thomas moved to Vancouver, British Columbia where he met and married Canadian Elsie Hodgson in 1910. He worked there for the Canadian Pacific Railway in their engineering dept.

In 1917 he enlisted in the military for WWI, giving his occupation as Mining Engineer.  By 1920, the family had returned to Pennsylvania.

Dec 31, 1917, Thomas' mother Louise died at her home in Altoona. (see newspaper insert from Jan 1, 1918.)

In 1919, Harvey Linton relocated to Baldwin NY to live with his daughter and her new husband John Stuart Rominger.

1920 Federal Census, Penns., Northumberland Co., Milton
LINTON, Thomas R., head, 33, chief engineer at Hoersing Company?
LINTON, Elsie, wife, 28
LINTON, Harvey, son 8
LINTON, Mary L., daughter, 8mo.

Sadly, daughter Mary Louise Linton would die at age 3 when she ran into the street into the path of an oncoming coal truck, in Harrisburg, PA. in 1922.

12 Aug 1926, The Thomas Linton family suffered a second tragedy when 14-year-old son Harvey drowned in Lancaster, PA.

1930 Federal Census, Penns, Lancaster
LINTON, Thomas R., head, 43, Road Contractor
LINTON, Elsie, wife, 38
LINTON, Doris L., daughter, 4 1/2

1930 - father Harvey Linton dies at age 86 (Dec 1930) in Chicago where he was living with his daughter Mrs. Rominger. They had moved to Chicago two months previously, and were ten years in Philadelphia before that.

1940 Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Lancaster, Rockland Street
LINTON, Thomas, head, 53, draftsman with WPA
LINTON, Elsie, wife, 47
LINTON, Doris J. daughter, 14

I also came across this photograph of a young child whom I believe to be Thomas Reardon Linton. There is a name scrawled on the back, which appears to say "T. Reardon Linton", but it could just as easily be translated as "J. Rubeo Luthern."

I will post front and back of that photo here, and you can decide for yourself. But I believe it to be Thomas as a child.

Then, as if that was not enough from the Linton family, here is a photo of Thomas' younger brother John Linton (born 1903).

John Linton

Also, in the same box, this photo (below) of M. Albert Linton and Ester P. Linton. Photo was taken in 1899 according to the hand-written note on the back, but no location is given.

Census records find this pair of siblings in Burlington NJ.

1900, Federal Census, New Jersey, Chester County, Burlington, 295 Main Street
LINTON, Morris, head, Oct 1857, 42, born in PA, draftsman at Baldwin Line-work (or lace-work)?
LINTON, Ruth A., wife, May 1856, 44, born in NJ
LINTON, M. Albert, son, Apr 1887, 13, born in PA
LINTON, Ester P., daughter, Jan 1895, 5, born in PA
NELSON, Hazel K., help

M. Albert and Ester P. LINTON
1910 Federal census, New Jersey, Chester Co., Burlington, 298 W. Main Street
LINTON, Morris, head, 52, born in PA, draftsman at Locomotive Works
LINTON, Ruth A., wife, 54, born in NJ
LINTON, Morris A., son, 23, born in PA, assistant actuary, life insurance
LINTON, Ester P., daughter, 15, born in PA
LINTON, Martha M., niece, 33, born in PA, stenographer

Head of household, Morris Linton, is a brother of Harvey Linton of Altoona, so this pair of siblings (Morris Albert Linton and Ester Powell Linton) are cousins of Thomas Reardon Linton and John Linton.

In January 2016, at the same vendor, this photo was found. There is no location anywhere on the frame. On the back, the inscription appears to say "Aunt E.L.H." and "Ned" "Edw Linton".

I need to look into this family a bit more to find how Edward, Edwin or Ned fits in, and who Aunt E.L.H. is.

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