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Monday, July 27, 2015


"Lucy Williams, niece of Mrs. Owen"
This photo of Lucy William was located at an outdoor antique fair in Liverpool NY last weekend.  The photo was taken at a photographic studio in Saratoga Springs, NY, circa 1895-1897, The subject appears to be around 15-17 years of age, thus born between 1877-1882. On the back are the handwritten words "Lucy Williams, niece of Mrs. Owen."

A census search on the name Lucy Williams yielded a number of possible contenders who fit the correct age and area. Eventually, it was the clue "niece of Mrs. Owen" that pinpointed the correct individual. offered a family tree in which one finds a Lucy Alida Williams (born 1877 in Oswego County NY) to parents William Williams and Mary Nelson.  Mother Mary Nelson had a sister Elizabeth who married Joseph Owen. This Lucy Williams was a niece to Mrs. Owen. Oswego County is the neighboring county to the one in which the photograph was found. So I feel confident that this is the right person who sat for this photograph. Perhaps it was made on the occassion of a visit to Saratoga.

Lucy's mother Mary was born in Manchester England in 1839, and died when Lucy was around 7 years old.

(Click for larger image)
Lucy apparently never married as her headstone still bears her maiden name. She worked as a teacher in a hospital in Yonkers much of her life. When she died in 1960, she was returned to Oswego and buried in the family plot in Riverside Cemetery.

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