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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

COX, Oscar and Wealthy

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Oscar COX and Wealthy COX, Norway Maine

This photo of the Cox siblings of Norway Maine, was located at the Brandywine River Antique Market in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania.

Oscar appears to be around 18 years old and his sister looks to be about 12 years old. The photo appears to have been taken circa 1890-1895, so the brother's birthyear must be between 1872-77, and his sister's between 1878-1884. shows a Cox family in the Federal Census records.
1880 Norway, Oxford County, Maine
COX, Frank W. (36) farmer, born in Maine, of Maine parents
COX, Catherine H. (36) wife, born in Maine, of Maine parents
COX, Oscar Noyes (9) son, born in Maine, of Maine parents
COX, Wealthy Mabel (4) daughter, born in Maine, of Maine parents

That makes Oscar's birth year 1870 or 1871, and Wealthy about 1875 or 1876. And the photo must have been taken about 1889.

Their father is shown alternately as William Francis Cox and Frank W. Cox. Their mother was born Catherine Hobbs Noyes.

Oscar (occupation Farmer) married Fannie L. Herrick on 30 Dec 1896 in Norway Maine. The marriage certificate reports his parents are Frank and Kate, and the bride's parents are Jonathan and Hannah.

1900 Census for Norway, Maine
COX, Frank W. (56) born Nov 1843
COX, Catherine H. (53) born Dec 1846
COX, Wealthy M. (24) born Nov 1876

Wealthy's birth certificate reports her birthday as March 28, 1876.  She died 21 Dec 1947 in Norway Maine, as the widow of Edward E. Harris. She may have been named in honor of her aunt, Wealthy Hobbs Noyes, a sister of her mother.

Oscar's wife Fannie died in 1937, and by the time of the 1940 Census, Oscar was remarried to Ester. shows that Oscar Noyes Cox is buried in Norway Pines Grove Cemetery in Oxford County, Maine.  Birthdate: 9 Oct 1870  Death: 26 July 1958


  1. So awesome to see this photo Oscar is a relative of our family - our mom talks fondly of uncle Oscar and told of his farm and large apple orchard. We are working on a family website and putting old family photos and family tree info up for people researching there ancestors. Thanks Heidi

    1. Heidi -
      Thank you for the comment. I still have the photo. If you are a family member of his, I'd be happy to send it to you. You can find my email address in my profile. By the way, you have a lovely website.