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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


UPDATE - Willis has gone home!


This photo was found at the Antique Show at South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach. Labeled "Willis E. Cobb" (or possibly "Willie E. Cobb") and the following dates are given:
Born Oct 18, 1855
Died Feb 25, 1872

The photograph was taken At A.J. Pierce Studio in Rockland, Maine.

The 1860 Census from Union, Maine (a community approx 15 miles from Rockland on the coast) shows a 4-year-old Willis E. living at the home of his father William E. Cobb, an inn-keeper, and his mother Elvira W. Cobb (maiden name Elvira Weston Snow). Also in the household are an older sister Mary, and several servants.

The 1870 Census shows 14-year-old Willis at the same location, while older sister Mary is no longer living at home. Otherwise the situation is relatively unchanged.

The fact that young Willis dies less than 2 years later is a bit depressing. The photo above must have been taken just a short time before that sad event.  I have not yet found the obituary or learned the cause of his early passing.

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