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Sunday, December 1, 2013


UPDATE - Lina has gone home!

This photo is a small "tin-type" photo on some sort of metal. It was found in California at the Pasadena Antique Mall.

On the back, in pencil, are the words:   "LINA JOHNSON LINDQUIST, 1870 Galesburg".  (I am not certain if 1870 is a birthdate, or was when the photo was taken. Based on the clothing which appears to be Civil War era, I suspect the latter.) The inscription might also give the surname as "Lindqvist".

There is also a photographer's studio mark, within a shield, which reads "Z.P. McMillen's New Art Gallery, cor. Main St. and Pub. Square, Galesburg, IL"

A bit of internet research reveals that this is Carolina "Lina" Susannah Johnson Lindquist who was born in 1851 in Sweden and lived in Galesburg, IL with her husband, Charles J. Lindquist.  Carolina immigrated to the US in 1869, one year before the picture was taken in 1870.  She died in Galesburg in 1918.

The 1880 census shows they had a daughter named Millie "Mildred", born on 8 Dec 1873.

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