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Monday, March 23, 2020

LITTEN, Mrs Levi (Darke Co, OH)


Identification on photo: "Mr. Levi Litten, Laura OH, R2 Monroe Township, CB sec 2"
Photo taken: W.H.F. Heath Photographer, Bradford OH, circa 1888-89
Purchased: Feb 2020 Kamin's Moment in Time, South Florida Fairgrounds Antiques Show

The back of the photo clearly says "Mr. Levi Litten". However, the woman in the photo is obviously NOT "Mr. Levi Litten" but must be connected to him somehow. 

This style of dress was fashionable in the late 1880s. By 1890 sleeves were becoming larger and puffier. But in the late 1880s were still "streamlined", narrow throughout with no rise at the shoulder. The hairstyle is also correct for late 1880s.

I believe this is Levi's wife Rosetta Netzley, and the photo was possibly mailed to Levi, before the time of their wedding in Nov 1889. (Also, she bears a strong resemblance to Levi's granddaughter Geneva whose photo I found online at .)

Levi Litten (1864-1927, son of Samuel and Lucinda) married Rosetta Netzley (1865-1932, daughter of George and Catharine) on Nov 7 1889 in Darke county OH.

 - Grace Eikenberry
 - Lawrence Litten
 - Pearl Mary Morett
 - Ernest Litten

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