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Friday, September 20, 2019

JUDD, Jehiel J.


Identification on photo: "My Grandfather, Jehiel J. Judd"
Photo taken: Rabineau Studio, Albany NY, circa 1880-1885
Purchased: Dec 2018 at the Palm Beach County Fairgrounds Antique Show

This photo has already been sent home to the subject's great-great grandson.

I had not even had time to research Jehiel Judd when I received an email from a man who said he had seen Jehiel's name on my Index page (link here) which includes all of the 750 or so photos I have in my collection, the majority of which have not been researched yet.

But I did want to do a brief search for information on the man, just to make sure this was the same Jehiel Judd that the person hoped he was. Based on the fashions being worn for this photo, especially the small lapels on the jacket, it appears to have been taken between 1880 and 1885.  The gentleman in the image appears to be late 70s or early 80s. That means he was born around 1800 (give or take a few years).

Initial searches at Ancestry and Find-a-Grave show that there are a few men who have been named Jehiel Judd. This particular one is Jehiel Joel Judd, born 9 Oct 1799 in Greene County, New York, and died 21 Feb 1888 (Nebraska) and buried at New Hope Cemetery, Monroe, Platte County, NE. 

His son, Jehiel James Judd (1838-1914) was a Lieutenant in the Civil War and lived in the Catskill area southwest of Albany NY.  It is easy enough to presume that the elder Jehiel had this photograph made in Albany during a family visit.

The man who contacted me verified that Jehiel James Judd is his great-grandfather and had assumed this was the man on the photo list. As it turns out the man on my list was his great-great-grandfather and he was shocked to have found an image of him. No one in his family had seen an image of either ancestor.

I have also sent him the image of the younger Judd, which I do not possess, but was sourced from Find-a-Grave.

It's great when someone reaches out to me as a relative of one of my photo subjects! It happens once in a while and certainly saves me a lot of work!

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