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Friday, December 28, 2018

HEAGY-HECK, Margaret

This old photograph was found at the Times Remembered Antique store in Ventura, California. I did not buy this, but if it is your ancestor, I can tell you where to locate it in the store.

The photo is of MARGARET HEAGY-HECK (8Nov1797 - 22Jan1871). Framed and behind glass, the booth owner is asking $79 so I did not buy it. But the back of the item contains a treasure-trove of genealogical information. So I snapped a photo on my cell phone of the front and the back. I was able to add some other names and dates during the research process.

MARGARET HEAGY-HECK is a daughter of George HEAGY and Hannah (possibly SHLETZ, or SLETZ). The family was from the area of Newville, PA. George Heagy is buried at White Church Cemetery in Gettysburg PA.

Margaret married Daniel HECK (3Jan1789-17May1849) and they had 9 children, two of which died in infancy. Among their offspring were:
Hannah (born 1817)
Maria (1822, m. Jacob KLINE)
Rebecka Ann (1827-1911, m. Henry SOUDER)
John A. (1831-1900, m. Sarah BEST)
James Henry (1833-1902, m. Jane Mary TRITT)
William Charles (1835-1893, m. Lucinda ROOF)

Whoever owned the photograph last was descended from James Henry HECK and Jane Mary TRITT, as further descendency through this couple is listed on the reverse of the photo.

James Henry and Jane Mary were the parents of:
Martha Belle "Mattie" HECK (1860-1944, m. Edward P. MUNN, 1855-1942)
James Oscar HECK (1861-1894)
Clyde T. HECK (1876-1949)

Martha's husband Edward was a son of John Calvin MUNN and Ruth Ellen CURTIS. Martha and Edward were the parents of:
Ray Edward MUNN (1881-1974, m. Myrtle BROER)
Paul Heck MUNN (1885-1944, m. Maude GREEN), and they were the parents of:
--Edward Payson MUNN (1909-1975)
--Donald Clare MUNN
--David MUNN
--Marjorie MUNN
--Lillian MUNN

The notes on the back of the photo state that David married Anne King KRUGH (1920-1987), but this is incorrect. Donald Clare MUNN married Anne King KRUGH and had children Donald C. Jr. and Judith Ann. 

Donald C. MUNN Jr. married a woman whose name starts with M (writing is very faint) and may be Melanie (?) and they had children Jennifer and Anne (?).

I found a later image of Margaret Heagy-Heck on which had been posted to a couple of different family trees. She is much older in this image, but I am certain this is the same person. Especially noticeable is Margaret's left eye which is more open than the right eye. This is visible in both photos.

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