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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

TUTTLE, Edith and Ruth

Edith Tuttle
Ruth Tuttle

These two photos of Ruth and Edith Tuttle were located at the Highway 127 Yard Sale in Anderson County, KY. The photo of Ruth is in a paper cover, and is stamped with the photographer's mark with says "H.C. Grummitt, 56 Center St, Ashtabula, O." On the back of the folder are the hand-written words "Ruth Tuttle, age 4, 1910."

The photo of Edith is just a photograph adhered to a larger sheet of paper (and may have come out of a frame). There is no studio stamp, just the hand-written "Edith Tuttle."

I thought at first this may have said "Edith Little" but it seems to me now that it must say "Tuttle." In fact I believe the same hand wrote both names on the photos. There is simply too much similarity in the letters, particularly in the "th" of both first names, and in the "le" of both last names.

I was able to locate the Tuttle family living in Kingsville, Ashtabula County Ohio on the 1910 Census.
TUTTLE, Charles F., head, 43, born in OH of Ohio parents, salesman of farm implements
TUTTLE, Carrie E., wife, 32, born in OH of Ohio and Penn parents
TUTTLE, Edith M., daughter, 11
TUTTLE, Ruth M., daughter, 4
MORSE, Harriet, aunt, 78 widowed, born in OH of NY parents

The 1920 census find the family still in Kingsville. Aunt Harriet is no longer listed, but they have taken in a niece Marie Colegrove (age 14). Father Charles lists his occupation as Vulcanizing in his own shop.

Full list of siblings:
Edith May Tuttle (1898-1925)
Helen Tuttle (1901-1901)
Beatus Tuttle (1902-1902)
Ruth Marion Tuttle (1906-1987) shows that Charles Francis Tuttle (born 13 Feb 1867 and died 14 May 1948, a son of Duran Hugh Tuttle and Harriet Cook) was married to Carrie Emily Colegrove (1878-1943, daughter of Richard Colegrove and Sarah Jane Clark). They are buried in the Kelloggsville Cemetery.

Edith May Tuttle died 31 March 1925 (age 27) in Akron.

Found online. I do not have this photo.
Ruth grew to adulthood and attended Ohio State University. I find little else about her except that she died in 1987, having never married.

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