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Sunday, August 7, 2016

RICKER and BUSKIRK siblings

This postcard dated 20 August 1916, and cancelled in Detroit Michigan the following day, is addressed to Miss ADA BUSKIRK in Eckford Michigan.

The note written on the back says "Compliments of EZRA & JOSEPHINE"
Then the following names appear:

Presumably, these names identify the four people pictured on the front, and presumably they are identified left to right.  Also, the youngest woman in the photo is pointed out as "Ada's Mother."

There is a Rickner family living in Eckford Michigan in the 1860's. Father James Rickner and mother Matilda Glitner had six children, including:
 - Evangeline "Eva" Rickner (b. 1856) who married Henry Buskirk
 - Ezra Rickner (b.1860) who married Josephine Hutchinson
 - Charlie Rickner (b.1862_ who married Charlotte ____.

Father James died in 1864.

Mother Matilda married Peter FRY in 1870, and give birth to Elizabeth "Libbie" Fry in 1871.  Peter Fey died in 1872.  Libbie married Charles Buskirk in 1891 and produced daughter Ada in 1897.

This explains how the brothers in the photo have the surname Rickner, and their sister and half-sister both carry the surname Buskirk.

Miss Ada Buskirk would have been 19 at the time she received this postcard.

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