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Thursday, February 11, 2016

TAYLOR, Charles S.

This photo was located in January 2016 at the Palm Beach Florida monthly Antique Show at the Fairgrounds.

The back of the photo appears to identify the fellow as "Charles S. Taylor" although I am open to any other suggestions for the middle initial.

Here is front and back. (Click on either photo for a larger image.)


Some clues worth noting:
  1. Location is Philadelphia, PA, specifically 1206 Chestnut Street.
  2. Photographers are "Broadbent and Phillips."
  3. "No. 39597" is barely readable at the bottom of the reverse. It may be an identification number, but one would need access to the photographer's files to know for sure.
1875 Philadelphia City Directory shows Broadbent & Phillips
Photographers, also Robert C. Broadbent at same address.
Henry C. Phillips, the premier photographer of the region, operated a studio on Chestnut Street from 1862 through his death in 1911. The studio continued afterward under the direction of Phillips' two sons. Phillips worked with a variety of partners. One of his partners was Robert C. Broadbent, and they were in business at least from 1875 through 1881.

The next hurdle will be to determine who exactly this is.  The name Charles Taylor is a fairly common one. And without certainty of the middle name or initial, I do not feel confident of an absolute identification.  But here goes ...

Let us assume the photo was taken in 1878, which would be right in the middle point of the known years of the Broadbent and Phillips partnership. I think the man looks to be in his early 30s (although facial hair may be making him look a bit older.) But if that is a good guess, then his birth year would be between 1844 - 1847.

(Still researching this one.)

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