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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Inez DANDY, born 1900
This photo of baby Inez Dandy was located at an antique fair in Vero Beach Florida yesterday. The photo was taken about turn of the century in Ogdensburg, St Lawrence county, New York.

With the help of on-line resources, I have been able to determine that Inez Dandy was born in Canton, a nearby town to Ogdensburg, and lived there with her family at least through age 10, as she and her parents appear on the Canton Census in that year. They lived at 217 Church Street in Canton.

INEZ LAWRENCE DANDY (born 8 May 1900 in Canton, St Lawrence Co., NY) to parents:

  • William Shannon Dandy (1866-1932) (son of James Dandy and Sarah Grant). He was an Insurance Agent.
  • Maud Lawrence (1869-1950) (daughter of John D. Lawrence and Helen J. Elison).

1914 Ogdensburg Journal advertisemet
It is known that there was an Insurance Agency in Ogdensburg in 1914, known as "J.R. Dandy & Son" which was operated by John R. Dandy, who was a brother of Inez's father William. The H.J. in the advert was Howard Johnson Dandy, son of John R.

1920 Census, Ogdensburg, shows Inez at age 19, working as a stenographer at an insurance office.

1930 Census Ogdensburg - living at home, working as a bookkeeper at Insurance Agency.

1940 Living at home with widowed mother. Census shows Inez's occupation as Insurance Agent.

1947 married H. Wright Davidson (born 21 Mar 1890, d. 1978)

Lived in the area of Ogdensburg her entire life. Passed away in November 22, 1971.

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