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Monday, October 6, 2014

LEWIS, Clyde, Bob and Mother

Today's project is a couple of photos found together at an antique shop in Madison New York. They are of a family which lived in Madison, New York at the turn of the century.

Mrs. Charles Lewis, Madison NY
The first photo is labeled "Mrs. Charles Lewis, Madison NY" and was taken at a studio in Waterville, NY. The photo probably was taken circa 1885.

The second photo is of brothers "Clyde and Bob Lewis, Madison, NY" and was probably taken around the same time period.

Checking the Federal Census for the year 1900, we find a Lewis family living in Madison NY which consists of parents Charles S. Lewis (age 49), Mertie G. Lewis (39), sons A. Clyde (21), Robert E (19), and daughters J June (13) and Daisy B. (10).

Clyde and Bob Lewis, Madison, NY
We can assume that Clyde is the elder of these two brothers in the photo, since his name was listed first. And if the Clyde on the Census was 21 in 1900, then he was born around 1879. If the guess that the photo was taken about 1885 is anywhere near correct, and if this is the same family shown in the Census, then the ages of the boys in the photo are approximately 6 and 4, which appears to be possible.

The 1880 Census shows the same family in Madison NY, although at that time, it consists of only Charles, Mertie and Clyde. We can safely assume that Robert was born around 1881.

There are graves in the Madison Village Cemetery, in Madison NY, for some members of this family. lists the following, although does not offer photos.

  • Charles S. Lewis (1851-1914)
  • Mertie Baker Lewis (1860-1901), wife of Charles S. Lewis.
  • Arthur Clyde Lewis (1879-1942), husband of Grace Henderson.
In the nearby town of Hamilton in Madison County, NY, there a headstone for Robert E. Lewis (1880-1974). It appears that he had a wife named Grace Catlin.

Sister Daisy married a man named Maggs. Jennie June married a man named Loghry.

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