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Friday, August 8, 2014


UPDATE - "Sandy" Sandquist has been claimed by a family members and is going home!  This photo of "O.A. Sandquist" was located at an antique shop in Glens Falls, NY. The studio mark on the matte indicates the photo was taken in New Haven Connecticut. There is hand-written inscription on the front of the matte which says "Sincerely, O.A. Sandquist"

This is obviously a graduation photo, and the man was most likely a student at Yale, based on the location of the photographic studio. My guess is that the photo was taken between 1910 and 1915.

A bit of research revealed that this is Oscar Adolph Sandquist, a remarkable individual, who was a son of immigrants, and who became a Yale graduate, a civil engineer and Naval Officer.

I find him first as Oscar SANDQUIST living in New Haven CT located on the 1900 Census for that town. The members of the household were:

  • John (b. 1856 in Sweden, immigrated in 1883.) a cabinetmaker.
  • Helen (Irene Helena) (b. 1852 in Sweden, immigrated in 1883)
  • Oscar (b. 1887 in Connecticut) age 13, at school.
  • Betsey (b. 1889 in CT) age 11, at school.
  • Helen (b. 1891 in CT) age 9, at school.
  • Jennie (b. 1893 in CT) age 7, at school.

In 1908, his name appears in the Yale Pot Pourri Yearbook as "Oscar Adolph Sandquist" and is listed as a student at Sheffield Scientific School. Wikipedia: "Sheffield Scientific School was founded in 1847 as a school of Yale College in New Haven, Connecticut for instruction in science and engineering."

He apparently graduated in 1910.

He is listed in the 1918 Naval Register with a description of "Asst. Civil Engineer, Ensign."

By the time of the 1940 Census, Oscar is living in Coral Gables, Florida, with wife Gertrude, 25-yr-old daughter Barbara, son-in-law Richard McGlathery (a Naval Officer), and grand-daughter Sandra A.

From the book "Who's Who in Civil Engineering" comes this wonderful biography.

Oscar died in 1970 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. His stone reads:
Oscar Adolph Sandquist
Aug 22, 1887 - Mar 6, 1970
Capt USN


  1. This is my great uncle known as Uncle Sandy. I met him as an older man before he passed. His sister Helen was my father's mother. The 1900 census has their mother's name and date of birth incorrect. Her complete name is Ingrid Helena Anderson-Sandquist born 1850 in Sweden. She passed in 1913. If Kathleen who found this photo reads this please get in touch with me. I sent an email from my business email address so it may have been marked as spam and you did not see it.

    1. Ken - So sorry I just saw this comment! No, I never got an email from you. Are you interested in claiming the photo? Write me back at

    2. Hi Ken,
      Please see my post of today about Sandy Sandquist's photo. I knew him as "Grandaddy".

  2. Hello,
    I'm so glad I saw this. O.A. Sandquist was my Grandfather. He adopted my Mother, Barbara Abernathy, after he married my Grandmother, Gertrude Lowe. They met when he was a young engineer on Flagler's railroad to Key West, where my Grandmother lived. I did not know he was my adopted Grandfather until as a young mother myself, I was looking through old photos and found one of my biological grandfather, who was a friend and fellow engineer of "Sandy" Sandquist. The power of images/old photos! He was a wonderful, smart, gentle soul, and I miss him very much.

    1. So glad you saw the photo here. That is the reason I leave the images up, even after I send the original home. I know it will mean a lot to someone.

  3. Great job, Kathleen. Keep it up!