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Friday, February 28, 2014

ANNABLE, Benjamin & Philena

Benjamin and Philena have gone home!

No location or time period given on the photos; just names.

However, the photos appear to have been taken in the late-1880's or early-1890's time frame. Based upon the apparent age of the subjects, my best guess for year of birth is around 1810-1820.

The wonderful website happened to have the headstone photo available for this pair, and this provided a great deal of information. For instance, the couple are  buried at Walnut Grove Cemetery in Onondaga Hill, New York.

Benjamin was born in 1815 in Onondaga Hill, NY and died in 1900 in Syracuse. His wife, Philena Betts was born in 1825 in Bordino NY and died in 1903 in Syracuse.

Further internet research shows that they were the parents of 12 children: George Annable, Dwight Annable, Henrietta Annable, Elizabeth Annable Hutchings, Harriet Annable, Maria (Mary C.) Annable, Benjamin Annable Jr., Sarah Annable, Willis Annable, Ella Annable, Emma Annable, Leonard Annable.

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