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Sunday, June 3, 2012

TUSSEY Family of Huntingdon, PA

UPDATE - The Tussey and Henderson photos have been claimed by a relative, and are going home!
While traveling through Pennsylvania, I came across these four related photos:

"Kline Studio" Huntingdon, PA

A bit of research online shows that HORACE G. TUSSEY (born 1858, died 1922) was a son of DAVID FLEMING TUSSEY (1824-1892) and RHODA ANN ANDERSON.

"Kline Studio" Huntindon, PA

On January 14, 1890, Horace was married to ANNA MARY SMITH (b. 1860). They had four sons:

FRANK MORROW TUSSEY (1890 - 1967) served in WWI in the 23rd Infantry.
HUBERT M. TUSSEY (Dec 18, 1891 - May 8, 1957) Served in WWI, Field Artillery.
HORACE BYRD TUSSEY (Mar 27, 1899 - Jan, 1972) (see photo below)

"Kline Studio" Huntingdon, PA

Additional research on "Byrd" shows that he was married to woman named MILDRED R. FRIDAY who lived from 1910 to 1991 (although the death date is not completely legible on the tombstone photo found.)

"Kline Studio" Huntingdon, PA

This additional photo in the same box bear a different surname, but had the "feel" of being related to the other people, so I bought it as well to keep them all together. Additional online research shows that HORACE G. TUSSEY had a younger sister named JENNIE who died in 1920, two years before her brother. I have not yet been able to verify that she married a Henderson.

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